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Christmas vibes are in the air, so let's dress our homes with some budget-friendly decorations to enjoy the festival atmosphere on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Corner

Have some Christmas vibes in your favorite corner of your home in an easy way without costly objects choose a favorite corner in your home preferably beside a window then put the decorated Christmas tree with some colored bauble with some pieces of cotton on the tree or on the ground to act like snow. if you have a karo white and red curtains hang it that will add more happy vibes in your room.


Here are the best options to change the wall decorating by adding some new colors without making a painting effort, buy some wallpaper in red or white color according to the wanted look then hang a shield and put some Christmas decors or hang it on the walls directly with some tree branches and some Christmas printed socks with a string of lights.

scented candles


one of the rich ideas that can easily apply and give you Christmas vibes is the scented candles, either you will make them at home with recycled jars or buy them.

Mason jars are an easy option to apply this idea bring a mason jar and add some colored sand or powder so you can add more than one layer from the Christmas colors then search for an old candle with plain or scented tealight and put it inside them, light it and enjoy the Christmas smells.

Hula hoop Christmas wreath

One of the Christmas marks is the colored bauble which is decked in red and green color, therefore, let me tell you another way you can make it, bring any hula hoop ring and then rap all of it with red or white satin strings and tie the bauble in the ring and you can add some handmade starts with wood sticks to hang them all,   then hang the ring itself in the ceiling directly or in the ceiling lamp.

The remaining ribbon to hang Christmas cards


Do you have the remaining ribbon of the old gifts? so grab them all, take a piece of tape, and choose whatever you like from the Christmas card after that choose a wall in the room, tie the cards to the ribbon, and stick their tip on the wall or stairs, this look is affordable and cheerful for Christmas.

Colored table sets


While your family is ready to have their meals you can deck the dining table with karo Christmas napkins, a red table cover, and white plates beside the red whine to upgrade your holiday with your favorite ones.

Santa's hat door decore


Grab your Santa hat or an old one, and after that hang it on the door upside down, then fill it with some small branches and colored baubles plus everything related to the Christmas decoration, Finally, you can add a ribbon or a Santa toy as an extra touch.

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