1623 sq ft - 3161 sq ft Conlin Rd E & Harmony Rd N, Oshawa $999,999 - $1,459,990

Homeward Hills Homes

Homeward Hills Homes is a new single-family development by Sorbara Group of Companies located at Conlin Rd E & Harmony Rd N, Oshawa. This community holds a significance like never before, constantly evolving and expanding, offering stability and comfort in times of uncertainty.

Nestled in the thriving landscape of North Oshawa, this thoughtfully planned community aims to broaden horizons without leaving the comforts of home. It provides a lifestyle where convenience and prosperity thrive, offering opportunities for connection, growth, and adventure.

Homeward Hills is designed to cater to various aspects of modern living, allowing for both family gatherings and remote work setups. It offers a sense of security, belonging, and a fresh definition of home that is constantly evolving, expanding, and entirely yours to redefine.

Located in Oshawa, Homeward Hills strikes the perfect balance between urban energy and rural tranquility. With access to Toronto's vibrancy and the beauty of Prince Edward wine country, residents can enjoy waterfront views, trails, green spaces, and outdoor facilities right at their doorstep.

Oshawa also provides proximity to Ontario Tech University (UOIT), enhancing the quality of life with educational opportunities and innovative studies. The community encourages a lifestyle that extends beyond the living space, offering a plethora of activities and connections for residents to explore.

Sorbara Development Group brings over six decades of experience in building distinctive communities that enrich the aesthetic landscape of neighborhoods. Their focus on attention to detail and understanding how people live has shaped Homeward Hills into a place where the concept of home knows no bounds.

Homeward Hills Homes

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